To help control and reduce energy consumption and cost, we have employed a simple four step approach to working with our clients:

Step One - Pre Design

An experienced member of our team will visit the assets to conduct a visual inspection, creating a basic asset register. All technical, historical and where available, local data will be gathered on the installed assets. During this visit, non-intrusive monitoring equipment will be installed in the primary plant room, the distribution network and with the necessary permission, in at least two residential properties.

The data will then be monitored over a 2 to 8 week period and historical utility bills from the previous 12 to 24 months will be analysed. This information is necessary to calculate the return on investment, carbon savings and efficiencies.

The clients’ requirements and expectations are documented, contact information for in-house operational and technical staff is logged and any accreditations, specialities and service level plans are recorded. These form an important part of the energy performance picture.

Step Two - Design

Our team will use the information gathered during step one to design an improved heating system to best utilise new technology where possible and improve existing infrastructures where replacement is not practical or warranted. It should be noted that the best practice sustainable construction is about going beyond building regulations and planning policies.

We keep our clients involved and updated throughout the design phase to ensure we are best meeting their requirements and at the same time recommending alternatives that would meet the desired end result with greater savings in energy. We can then tender an energy saving plan for the client.

Step Three - Construction

Our team will carry out all work to the highest standard, keeping our client and their tenants informed of progress along the way.

While some disruption to services is unavoidable in this type of project we work hard to keep them to an absolute minimum. We are contactable 24/7 during the construction phase to be able to react to any unforeseen issues with our temporary site or the residents.

Upon completion we will ensure the client is fully conversant with the new equipment and system. If required we will arrange familiarisation and training sessions for our clients and their representatives.

Step Four - Operate & Maintain

We will offer a full competitively priced service package for the warranty period that can be extended if required.

Our installations are monitored constantly, this live monitoring allows for a pro-active prevention to failures. The monitoring is not limited to the primary plant, it is also monitoring the network and point of use, excellent for ensuring continuity of supply and ensure maximum efficiencies are reached.

We provide 24/7 customer technical support and subject to requirements can offer same day on site repairs. In the unlikely event of critical failure our designs allow for temporary tailored equipment to be on site and connected to the system within 8 hours, heat restored within the building within 9 hours.

Design & Support Commitment

We commit to a performance guarantee based upon:

  • energy savings calculated from before and after
  • utility costs
  • continuity of supply throughout the contract

We also commit to design, install, operate and maintain efficient, cost effective and robust systems.

We will use BIM (Building Information Modelling) during the system design phase using a coherent system of computer models rather than a separate set of drawings.

The BIM process enables the use of 3D models to inform and communicate project decisions.

"Our commitments come with a two year warranty with all works!"