Frese District Heating is focused on providing the complete turnkey system for community and district heating schemes ensuring that the highest levels of attention and support are provided during the design, installation, operation and maintenance phases of a project.

Our systems also offer the added benefit of a robust and easily serviceable installation, built with ensured

longevity and stability. All of the equipment used in our installations are readily available, tried and trusted.

To ensure the continuity of service our systems are also designed where practical and necessary to accommodate zero downtime during service periods. In the unlikely event of a failure they are designed with rapid repair solutions in mind.

Key Services


  • Surveys
    (Health and Safety / Heat production / District network / Point of use / Existing operational regime)
  • Reporting
    (Primary plant report / Network report / Point of use report / Operation & Maintenance / Controls report)
  • Investment
    (Reduced energy product costs / Reduced penalty payments / Controlled maintenance costs / Short payback on return of investment)


  • Health & Safety
  • Plant Equipment
  • Network (incl. groundwork)
  • Point of use equipment

Operate Continuous Monitoring

  • Plant energy monitoring
    (how the plant equipment is operating)
  • Point of use energy monitoring
    (how the point of use equipment is operating)
  • Energy metering
    (providing data to an external billing company or billing direct)
  • Data extraction for benchmarking – tenant “education”


(contract for maintenance – 5, 7, 15 or 25 years)

  • Maintenance of plant, network and point of use equipment
    (Health and Safety / Water treatxment / Software / Hardware / Waste management & removal)

We also provide full technical support for all our services, 24 hours a day/7 days a week!